Are you looking for the best Dental Hospital, Dental Surgery, Dental Specialist, Best Dental, Best Implantologist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India ? Or how about “the best cosmetic dentistry, dental doctors in Ahmedabad dental care clinics, hospitals, teeth care centers” ?

Many people look up dentists and dental clinics using phrases such as those before they make their decision and end up going to the wrong dentist just because they had those phrases written on their website!

Let us make it clear – that though it’s simple to add such phrases into websites, differentiating a really good doctor and dentist and a website that says it is is difficult.

That’s why we recommend you to come for a simple meet and greet with our dentists at Oris Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad before you make your important dental decision. Our dentists will meet you and spend enough time with you , explaining what needs to be done and how it needs to be done rather than making you just sit on a chair and getting things done just like that.

Did you know that most dentists are so worried about their online presence and so worried about getting patients that they go the height of listing these keywords or phrases and make them bold on their website? It’s sad that the world has become so dirty. Doctors and dentists are so worried about getting patients on their chairs than offering really ethical and class services in hygiene environments. Oris Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad is different. From the moment you walk in and climb your way up to the dental clinic, you realize that it’s so much more. The moment you enter our world class center you realize our focus is on hygiene. We make sure that as a patient your every need is taken care of from sealed bottles of water to absolute cleanliness of the floors.

Best of all is comparing all those clinics in Ahmedabad to ours. They talk about being the best or at least mention that on their website but when you go there you realize they are not hygienic, dirty or dark. You realize they used fancy text or SEO (search engine optimization) key words and phrases to make their website show up in the search engines but really rather than being as it seemed or sounds, nothing at all near world class.

That’s again where Oris Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad is so much different. Sure we have a website with key words, but we have real photographs taken from our clinic and real photos of our doctors and real content written professionally again by our dentists. All in all you have a perfect website with ethical dentists who mention the real things written by them out of years of experience and not some generic content copied from somewhere off the internet.

You deserve the best treatment, so next time you google search or bing search for the best dentist, do spend some time looking at the website , reading the content and looking at the photographs to make sure you know what’s real or not. If you don’t see too many photographs you already know why it’s not there! You need to walk in with your problem but walk about with your lovely smile because that’s what matters!

And it gets even worse when some websites of dentists read painless tooth extractions or painless root canals, because there is no such thing unless you mean less – pain root canals, but they do pain a bit. See dentists have started using all sorts of new words and phrases to confuse patients. There are sprays to use to reduce the pain and there are needles that hurt for a few seconds just to numb your gums and teeth but there is nothing like painless (if you think it means painfree as it does not) but yes, if the dentist really means pain is less, it makes sense.

Then there are some dentists who go and say things on their websites such as – India’s best Cosmetic implant Dentist Ahmedabad – I wonder how they proved themselves with this award as there is no such national award unless they just mean they think they are. So the next time you read such things on their website you may as well as ask them what they mean. So if you can’t say you are the best – I guess the only thing you have left is to say you are one of the best. For example – a website reads – Our clinic which is one of the best implant center in Ahmedabad is pretty much true from the view point of the person making the website or the owner. Now, here me out for a minute here. He or she may not be wrong as in their opinion or opinions of patients who do actually say this once in a while to their doctors – Aap Ka Clinic Sab Se Best Hain. So as a dentist or a doctor am I wrong to mention this ? Probably not. However can I back this with evidence and proof . If I can I think it is good enough.

But the next time you read something like this: “Best Dental Clinics, Hospitals and Tourism in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – #1. … Free Gingival Grafting Laser Gum Surgery Gingivectomy Oral Biopsy Procedures Partials for Kids Endodontic Retreatment. Root Canal Treatment Dental Veneers Tooth Whitening, Dental Bonding Composite Bonding” on someone’s website you should pretty much understand it’s all about throwing words out just to bring their website to the top. It isn’t that hard to do it. Instead look for dentists and doctors that make sense to you. Those with real photographs, with real setup photographs, educational content which looks and sounds real and honest and most importantly a website which offers you much more than all those “keywords and phrases” that actually talks about content and education that makes you feel at home.

Anyone can make a website and wrap it around with SEO keywords, but very few can ethically created an educational website and that’s where Oris Dental Clinic is different. Under the guidance and the leadership of Dr. Janu Shah Vaghela who believes in a very ethical experience for patients, you won’t go seeing key words all bold and underlined. Instead you will find rich content which will make you realize that if you wanted that simple yet beautiful smile you have come to right place here, at Oris Dental Clinic.

Oris Dental Clinic – your one stop solution for all your dental needs.