Bleeding gums

Regular flossing will usually decrease bleeding gums. Hormonal changes can cause gums to swell and trap food. Check with your dentist if bleeding continues.


Some women have more saliva secretion during pregnancy. Try breathing slowly through your nose when brushing your back teeth, as this usually helps reduce some of the nausea.

Morning sickness

If you vomit during pregnancy it’s important to rinse your mouth out with water afterwords. Brushing your teeth immediately after vomiting can cause your teeth to wear down. Stomach acids soften teeth, making brushing too abrasive.

Dental Emergencies

If you experience any dental emergency (pain, swelling, bleeding, bad smell/taste), please consult with a dentist. No treatment will cause more harm to you and your baby. The dentist will consult with your gynecologist before prescribing any medications or treatment.

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